I’m absolutely obsessed with farm-fresh eggs! Let me tell you about this funny incident that happened to me this morning. I was on my way to pick up eggs from my incredible egg lady when a friend of mine happened to drive by and spotted me. She was completely taken aback that I was buying eggs from her and asked if they were brown eggs. When I happily confirmed that they were indeed brown with some other colors mixed in, she responded with a surprising statement: she admitted to being scared of eating brown eggs. Can you believe it?

These days, I find myself actually being a bit scared to eat white eggs! But let’s have a real talk about this egg discrimination, shall we?

1. The Nutrition Profile Speaks for Itself

Not only are farm eggs more flavorful, but they are also incredibly good for you. They have a WAY better nutrition profile than a supermarket egg.

So, let’s start there. Farm eggs are known for their nutrient density, meaning they pack a lot more essential vitamins and minerals. This is because the hens on farms have a diverse diet, including insects, worms, seeds, and chicken feed of course. As a result, the eggs they lay are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, vitamin E, and beta-carotene. Talk about a powerhouse of nutrition!

2. Farm Eggs Have More Healthy Fats

Speaking of omega-3 fatty acids, farm eggs are especially high in these healthy fats. You know how important omega-3s are for brain function, heart health, and reducing inflammation, right? Well, farm eggs from hens that graze on green pastures have significantly higher levels of omega-3s compared to regular store-bought eggs. It’s like a natural boost for your health without needing to take any supplements.

3. Let’s Bust This Cholesterol Myth

Oh, and guess what? Farm eggs are lower in cholesterol too! Cholesterol isn’t all that bad, anyways. It’s actually essential for certain body processes. You’re more likely to have high “bad” cholesterol levels from high sugar and a diet high in refined carbs than from quality eggs and meats. I’ll be sure to talk more about this in the future!

4. You’re Supporting Better Animal Practices

But it’s not just about the health benefits. By choosing farm eggs, you’re also supporting better animal welfare practices. Many factory farm chickens are provided a space smaller than a letter-sized piece of paper. I don’t know about you but I find this very disturbing. 

The hens on small-scale farms are often allowed to roam freely in open spaces, enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. They get to engage in natural behaviors like scratching the ground and pecking at insects. It’s so heartwarming to know that by opting for farm eggs, we’re contributing to more ethical and sustainable farming practices.

5. You Can Support Local Businesses and Sustainable Farming Practices

When you opt for farm eggs sourced from local and sustainable farms, you’re actually making a positive difference. By reducing the distance your food travels and supporting regenerative farming, you’re doing your part in creating a healthier planet and supporting local businesses.

6. Farm Eggs Last a Long Time!

As a busy mom, I also like to point out that eggs have a pretty long shelf life so you have to do egg runs very often. I’ve kept mine in the fridge for a month and have rarely come across a bad egg. If that seems long to you, just know the typical time a supermarket eggs takes to go from nest to table is 25 days. Sometimes, the eggs I get from my local gal were laid that very morning. 

Quick Tip: How to Check Your Eggs for Freshness

You can check to see if your eggs are still good by putting them in a bowl of cold water. If you egg sinks, it’s good. If it floats, it’s bad. If the egg “stands up” vertically or bounces a bit at the bottom of the bowl, you should use those ones up soon.

So, my friend, the next time you’re shopping for eggs, consider giving local farm eggs a try. Not only do they taste amazing, but they also offer an incredible array of benefits for your health, the animals, and the environment. It’s a win-win situation! Fear not, the brown eggs!

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