So, I had the worst stomach bug over the weekend, and let me tell you, all I wanted was some good old comfort food to make me feel better. But guess what? I’ve learned that the comfort food we grew up with in the 80s and 90s isn’t great for nourishing our bodies after being sick. I mean, if our immune system is already struggling, why would we want to make it work even harder by eating processed junk?

Rehydration: Swapping the Old Liquids for the New

The food industry loves to trick us into thinking certain foods are healthy when they’re actually loaded with crap! 

Take Gatorade and Pedialyte, for example. We’ve been led to believe they were great for rehydration, right? Wrong! Those sneaky drinks are packed with sugar and artificial dyes. Can you believe it? So, let’s ditch them and go for better alternatives like LMNT or natural coconut water. If you’re up for it, you can even make your own electrolyte drink.

Swap out Sprite or Gingerale for ginger tea instead. Ginger is very soothing to an upset digestive system!

First Solid Foods: A Gentle Approach

Now, let’s talk about solid foods. You know those good old saltine crackers we used to rely on? Yeah, turns out they’re not the best choice. Instead, go for unsweetened applesauce with a dash of cinnamon or some ripe bananas. Trust me, they’re gentle on your stomach and still give you the nutrients you need. Who needs crackers when you’ve got fruit power, right?

Okay, brace yourself. We need to say goodbye to the iconic Campbell’s soup and most canned soups in general. I know, it’s hard. Here are some of the ingredients in Cambell’s Chicken Noodle Soup: MSG, soy protein isolate, “natural flavoring”— what the heck does that even mean? So just say no!

Soup Upgrade: Embrace Bone Broth

But here’s the deal: bone broth is where it’s at. It has amazing healing properties! You can sip it like a mug of coffee. It’s like a superhero for your gut, packed with vitamins and minerals that your body craves after being sick. Just be careful because not all bone broths are created equal. There’s no FDA regulation on what can be called bone broth, so read those ingredient labels.

I can vouch for a few reliable brands like Bonafide Provisions and Kettle & Fire. I personally love Kettle & Fire’s Beef Bone Broth— it has so much flavor! And if you’re feeling adventurous, you might want to make your own bone broth. It’s easier than you think, especially if you’ve got an Instant Pot on hand. Just save your leftover bones and veggie scraps in the freezer, and when you’re ready, whip up a batch of delicious, nourishing broth.

Satisfying Your Sweet Tooth: Healthy Cold Treat Ideas

Now, let’s satisfy our sweet tooth without all the high fructose corn syrup. Sherbets, ice creams, and popsicles might seem like the go-to option, but guess what? They’re also loaded with syrups and artificial colors. *Ugh, why do they have to ruin everything?* But no worries, I’ve got a solution. Stock up on popsicles made with 100% real fruit or, even better, make your own. Years ago I bought some popsicle molds on Amazon and they sure get used! Just blend up your favorite fruits and coconut water or even just plain water. Boom! Healthy, homemade popsicles that can fill your comfort food cravings!

It’s time to ditch the old ways and upgrade your post-illness nourishment game. By swapping out sugary drinks for healthier alternatives, choosing REAL solid foods, and embracing the magic of bone broth, you can give your body the love and care it deserves on the road to recovery. Trust me, you’ll feel so much better and nourished. Let’s do this together!

***Health tip: Load up on some of these shelf-stable and frozen items now so you are prepared when an eminent stomach bug occurs or flu-like virus occurs. Let’s be real, sending your husband to an unfamiliar health foods store in the midst of an illness AND asking him to decode the ingredient labels isn’t exactly ideal so let’s try to avoid that!

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Happy Wellness!

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